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    Talent Concept: Both ability and political integrity, eclectic, make the best use of

    Integrity——The only person, the virtue of the capital also; "De"--with a higher basic quality, "only"-the basic ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. The Ancients Cloud: The ruler has short, inch, the thing has the insufficiency, the intelligence has unknown. Choose people and employ, do not ask for both, but to Germany first, to Germany to promote the talent, only to Yu Tak. By improving the quality of the talents of the enterprise, we construct the talent structure.

    Eclectic——Innovative talent concept, eclectic select talent, not seniority, only the yin is lifting. Continue to widen the channels of talent selection, in the actual discovery of talent, cultivate talent, exercise talent, bold use of talent, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, and constantly develop and strengthen the talent team for the sustainable development of enterprises to add stamina.

    Renjinqicai——The person has the length, does not divide the size, the morals only then takes care of, both inside and outside collect. Zhirenshanlin, the best. Eye identifying talents, enthusiastic love, bearing use only, courage to lift, mind capacity. Deeply explore the shining points of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee, maximize the integration of enterprise talent resources for the sustainable development of enterprises to provide a strong impetus to promote enterprises into a healthy development of the fast lane.

    To do their best.——Because of its material to take, the examination of its ability to office, with its director, cover its short. Zhirenshanlin, only to lift, just fit, suitable for the post. With keen insight, discover each employee's individuality characteristic, to do the amount of use, talent will be placed in the most suitable position, the staff's advantage applied to the most suitable work, so that the sage in its position, the person in his position, each of their posts, to avoid weaknesses, each do their best.