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    Current Location :CULTURE

    The pursuit of innovation and integrity responsibility

    Innovation is the essence, honesty is the root, responsibility is the principle, pursuit is the spirit 

    Enterprise spirit: the driving force of fine quality forging 

    Quality policy: strive for technological innovation to pursue quality excellence beyond customer expectation and create core value

    Our "good faith" culture

    The integrity | integrity | integrity Shuren strong enterprise | honesty is the foundation for the fundamental

    Our "pursuit" culture

    The pursuit is a positive orientation of the value of thought, a kind of self climbing and transcendence. The progress of human beings comes from the pursuit of eternal pursuit. 

    Life has no pursuit, decadent! Enterprises have no pursuit, recession! The country has no pursuit and backwardness. Human beings have no pursuit, perish!   

    The pursuit, is a kind of beauty, but also a state.