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    Zhejiang Deli machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Jinyun County Town Nanhu Development Zone, the company was founded in 1988, after more than 10 years of development and growth, from the past rural individual machine parts processing small factory gradually grew into a metal band sawing machine in China's backbone enterprises and new product research and development base, Become China Machine Tool Industry Association member and Sawing Machine branch, grinder branch governing unit. Chairman of the company, Mr. Hudeliang from sales, and then research and design metal band Sawing machines, engaged in machine tool production nearly 20 years.

    Jinyun County is now a member of the CPPCC. The company now covers an area of 34600 square meters, building area of 28000 square meters, with a beautiful garden-style plant and modern office building.

    Company's existing staff of more than 180 people, 2010 has created output value of 150 million yuan, sales of billion. Company specializing in the production of "well have to do" brand series of metal band Sawing machine and series of surface grinder, machine tools complete, novel and unique, efficient and energy-saving, with a greater cost-performance advantage, is the national quality and technical supervision over the years to stabilize qualified products. One of the high-speed thin metal band sawing machine by the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund project support, CNC tilting vertical band sawing machine by the National invention Patent, multi-functional surface grinder by the province of High-tech products identified. 2009 "Pneumatic automatic horizontal band sawing machine" by the Provincial Science and technology Department of Major Science and technology project development. 2011 GBR Graphite Circular Sawing machine was awarded the provincial-level industrial new product project development.

    Another 1 inventions were accepted in 2011. To date, the company has 1 patents for inventions, 1 patents to accept, 12 new practical patent licensing, 2 of the appearance of patent licensing. Companies over the years adhering to the "German Newspaper society, create brilliant" business philosophy to "quality-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" business purposes, to create first-class product quality. "Here you have the Force" series of metal band Sawing machine in 2008 was identified as Lishui brand products, in 2011 was identified as the national well-known trademarks.

    Company in 2007 was identified as Lishui High-tech Enterprises, 2011 was identified as High-tech Enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and year after year was identified as Jinyun County key

    enterprises, large taxpayer, Zhejiang Province, rural credit cooperatives AAA credit rating Enterprises and other honors. The company has a sound department, with a technical department, production and sales department, foreign Trade Department, purchasing department, Finance Department and management department. Technical quality subordinates with design room and testing workshop, production and sales subordinates with casting workshop, blanking welding workshop, gold processing workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop and various types of warehouses.

    The company has processing centers, CNC lathes, surface grinder, cylindrical grinder, planer, boring machine, drilling machine, such as more than 130 advanced equipment. Company Sales network integrity, domestic and medium-sized cities have more than 40 outlets, the company is also export quality license units, products are exported to Russia, Germany, Southeast Asia, India and other more than 10 countries and regions. Annual export of foreign exchange more than 3 million U.S. dollars. Under the new situation, the company is adjusting the structure, increasing the strength of technical transformation, relying on scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading as soon as possible. We believe that Zhejiang Deli machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. tomorrow will be more beautiful and brilliant.